III Framework Agreement

Signed in 2005 by the Trade Unions, Employers Association and the Regional Government this Agreement is built on the principles of Social Dialogue. This agreement was renewed in 2010 (Second Framework Agreement 2010-2013) and signed again in 2014 (Third Framework Agreement 2014-2020).

Some of the main objectives included in these agreements are:

  • Promote stable and quality employment generation, as well as the territorial anchorage of the companies.

  • Foster an economic model build on innovation and knowledge.

  • Improve competitiveness and sustainability of our regional companies.

  • Promote environmental culture and respect, and develop Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

The Industrial Foresight Observatory was created in this framework, along with other three sectorial observatories: “Observatory of Automotive industry”, “Observatory of Energy sector” and “Observatory about Agriculture & Food production”. In addition, in 2016 other additional observatories were launched to complete the six strategic areas included in the Regional Smart Specialisation Strategy: Health, Habitat and Cultural Tourism, Heritage and Language.

These observatories contribute to detect, check, study and prospect trends, proposals, and significant topics to increase competitiveness in the regional productive system. As an active member in these observatories, CCOO has prepared and supervised several studies about the most relevant topics for Castilla y León.

Now we are working in these topics:

Industrial Prospective Observatory: Key factors in company relocation: The industrial Policies

Health and Quality of life Observatory: Report of the nutraceutical sector industries in Castilla y León

Habitat Observatory: Circular Economy, a determining factor in the construction industry

Energy observatory: Just energy transition in the coal regions of Castilla y León

Automotive Observatory: Circular economy and opportunities for the automotive sector

Agri-food Observatory: Industrial innovation policies as instruments of rural development in Castilla y León

Tourism, Heritage and Language : Sustainable Tourism 2.0: CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in the regional tourism sector as a factor of competitiveness

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