Health and Quality of Life

Under this scope, a group of activities considered according to the following CNAE are grouped, although there are other classifications that are not collected and that can be included.

The main characteristic of this sector is related to heterogeneity and transversality, encompassing farms, chemical industries of various types, product marketers, as well as research centers and activities related to the health sector and social services.

A partir de la estadística estructural de empresas, proporcionada por el INE, las industrias más representativas del sector en la región corresponden a los CNAE 20 y 21, de industria química y fabricación de productos farmacéuticos (si bien existen industrias del CNAE 1086 y 1089 con peso específico en la región).

  Business Quantity Wages and salaries Investment in tangible assets Busy staff
  2016 2016 2016 2016
Castilla y León
TOTAL  INDUSTRY 37.756.275 3.257.895 1.636.917 128.142
20 Chemical industry
1.041.393 71.632 41.907 2.033
21 Manufacture of pharmaceutical products 536.976 76.391 41.812 2.203

Both groups within the region, with 110 and 19 registered industries respectively, have a weight in turnover of around 4% of the total industry, with 3.3% of direct employment. The chosen form in both types of industrial activities is the limited liability company, although there is a representative number of natural persons within the chemical industry establishments.

The size of the companies is variable, although it is in the pharmaceutical sector where the structures are larger. Within the chemical industry, only 17% is greater than 10 workers, according to the Harmonized Demographics of Companies of the INE.

Within the ecosystem of companies that exist in the region, different laboratories with headquarters outside the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León and headquarters in different provinces have a presence in Castilla y León. This is the case of ROVI, GUIDOTTI, SERVIER, BRAUN, ROCHE, VIÑAS, CINFA, Dr ESTEVE, LACER, ALTER, FERRER, FAES FARMA, MENARINI, SALVAT, ERN, ISDIN, SANKYO, TEDEC-MEIJI, BIOIBERICA.

The consideration of the macro-sector of Health and Quality of Life within the RIS3 Strategy, seeks to encourage professional activities, both scientific and technical, so that an innovative fabric with high added value can be developed, with direct contact with existing knowledge and development centers in the territory. These are biotechnology companies, spinoffs and startups, associated in many cases with universities and research institutes, as well as with technology centers. In our region these companies are registered within the CNAE 721, 722 and 86.

In addition to the companies, the associations that represent them deserve attention. The Regional Administration has promoted the Biotecyl clusters, specialized in sanitary and biotechnological activities, SIVI, representative in actions of development and application of specialized technological solutions in the socio-sanitary sector and Cluster4Eye, which brings together the companies and research centers in the different fields of application of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences.

To complete the ecosystem of the region in the sector of health and quality of life, the following table summarizes the different science parks that the region has:

Scientific Park Year of creation Areas of expertise and Companies installed
Scientific and Technological Park of the University of Burgos 2005

Agri-food, Chemistry, Computing, Construction, Engineering and Physics

Scientific Park of the University of León 1994 

Biotechnology and energy

Science Park of the University of Salamanca  2004

Biomedicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, nanotechnology, nano bioengineering, chemical industry.

Scientific Park of the University of Valladolid  2007

Information and Communication Technologies, Industrial Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Environment, Metrology, Agri-Food, Health, Biotechnology


In addition to the scientific parks, the regional technological parks of Boecillo, in Valladolid, and León, where companies are mainly dedicated to the pharmaceutical and medical area, are also included, although there are also activities in the veterinary and socio-health branch.


Within Castilla y León, a summary of companies representative of the region in activities related to the health and quality of life sector is shown below.

Company Billing (M€) Staff Province
GlaxosmithKline 585,89 628 Burgos
Adisseo 154,15 145 Burgos
Ontex 221,35 327 Segovia
Sociedad Cooperativa Farmacéutica Leonesa 87,28 69 León
Merck Sharp & Dohme Animal Health 192 347 Salamanca
Laboratorios León Farma 81,33 201 León
Soria Natural 36,38 350 Soria
Gadea Biopharma, Crystal Pharma 99,8 257 León, Valladolid
Zacofarva 69,48 46 Zamora
Post Quam Cosmetic 30 32 Valladolid
Cyndea Pharma 15,26 141 Soria


Health and wellbeing study. The transfer of knowledge to the industry in health sciences.

December 2016
Through this study, we intend to describe the main processes of transfer of knowledge derived from research in the field of health sciences to industry and how this integration contributes to the creation of new opportunities for companies in the sector .

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